Monday, August 3, 2015

Political Violence

Political Violence
Few words on political violence is timely.
Many factors factor in and economic jealousy tops the list.
It could be the innocent guy or girl who had gone abroad worked hard and earned the Dinars but never got anything from the party.
His or her relative prosperity has nothing to do with party politics but shear sweat.
They guy or girl who is lazy but who has connections with the underworld is the one who is blowing hot or cold.
That is the general ground scenario.
Other factors are very complicated but related to Sri-Lankan Hate Philosophy which has no scientific base.
It can be caste, religion, race or even education.
For example there is a relative jealousy among academic and non academic staff in the universities.
If for example, the academic staff member is on a particular party colour his or her non loyal nonacademic staff member takes the opposite colour by default as a counteractive ploy.
The politics is so low on principles even in the universities what emerges out of the village level is very complicated and no sociologist can come out with a plausible theory of political evolution in this country of ours.
My theory it is always illogical and what is stated here should not be taken as academic or scientific truths.
Not even gut feelings or GUT logic of Sini or Malu (Pan) buns treatment for attending a political meeting.
The highest level is Kassipu or the illegal Arrack.
The spirits are blamed for violence but all is premeditated.
I hope you got the picture.
Let me analyze the emerging trends, especially over the last 20 years or two decades.

1. 1995 was a peaceful transfer, especially due to Doing Bloody Well, D.B.W.
I give credit for he being from our peaceful neighborhood, just like TBI (Illangaratne) from Gaagedera.
Antecedent 1989 violence also had a dampening effect and also the intra party conflicts which RP had to contend with.
Fortunately violence did not spill over to the opposing party and CBK had a cake walk.

2. In 2000 it peaked to mob violence both in Nawalapitiya Gampola and Galagedera and Hettipola.
Kurunagala was he worst in our history.
This violence we had never seen in this part of the country.
So CBK left with her lion cubs graduated to raving raw mobs of violence.
Gaminie Dissanayake lost his life with many others, I never believed it was a LTTE operation.
Far from it.
I will not name any, just for the sake of my sanity and modesty but if one wants to dig bit deeper ask Victor Ivan who has documented with pinpoint accuracy.

3. 2005 was operation secret money and we will never know the truth.
Less we talk about it better it is.

4. 2010 was an aberration due to suppression of LTTE.
Polarization was based on race not on party politics.

5. 2015 is the Acid Test.
There was no need for violence if MR came into power.
Now he is out the need for violence was deeply felt.
One within the party itself.
The other that spills out of it.
There I a factor that reins in hard.
It is the underworld and there is lot of illegal firearms.
It is the duty of the police to confiscate all illegal fire arms.
Then over long term control the underworld or expansion of it.

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