Sunday, August 16, 2015

Political Tsunami

Political Tsunami

The political comment elsewhere in a national paper (English) is only academic and hopeful.

Wait for another 24 hours, there going to be lot of surprises.

Tables win turn upside down.

The silence of the voters is unusual and unbelievable.
It is calm before the storm.

I predict a political tsunami mainly due not to floating vote, but well organized citizen action group which will be more powerful than the party hopefuls.

Any prediction of the citizens' forum is premature and we have no previous precedence or experience.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and eagerly waiting to analyze it in depth after the fact (election).

That is the only interest I have.

It does not matter to me who wins or lose.

Our voters are maturing and not at all stupid as believed by the party addicts.

It is all due to our Commissioner of Elections. 

He actually has made the voting public the cream of the country not the political parties and their stooges.

First time in our history people are voting for good conduct and proper governance.

Maithree also takes credit for excellent public service conduct except of course for his last minute political antics.

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