Thursday, August 27, 2015

Political Constipation and Hate Philosophy

Hate philosophy is a Concept propounded by me to visualize the profound political immaturity or the constipation of thinking, lacking in alternative views and ways of solving a problem.

Hate is in our genes.

I think Buddha foresaw this 2600 years ago and created this mythical philosophy called Metta to bring back ancient wisdom.

Look at the Middle East, they cannot survive without arousing Shiite and Sunny killer brotherhood.
Now we have Muslims in this country but with minimal division except the poor, the rich and a few in the Colombo underworld, with some connection in Gampola.

This nexus was taken over by the Buddha Susana big shot and Ma Ra Chinthanaya in Gampola.

I must not undervalue the contribution Prabakaran made to hate probably inherited from our Marxist ideologist JVP.

All political parties hate each other and they thrive on hating each other.

So how come hate contributes to constipation?
It is simple hate produces stress hormones.
The fight or flight physiological response of the animal world.
These hormones close our exit sphincters temporarily and sweating ensues.
There is some degree of insensible loss too due to rapid breathing.
So conditions for physiological constipation is already there.
But my analysis in Sri Lankan context is verbal diarrhoea associated with Waira Wansa dialect contributes to insensible loss from the respiratory and guttural exit significantly.

I think he is perpetually constipated if not physiologically but emotionally.
There is dialectical contribution to political constipation.
The latest contribution is the National / Coalition Government.

They cannot decide on a SIMPLE CABINET.

Its propaganda is totally constipated by hate.

I hope the President My3 and Ranil's better half (Ra -toddy) My3 coalition might work, if Ra-Nil takes his kitchen cabinet home for few days for culinary exercises.

Chopping is a basic tool in the kitchen.

If he succeeds in the coalition he should bring a kitchen knife big enough as a protection for cabinet meetings.

These SLFP guys are very adept with knives.

Look at  the national list!

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