Monday, August 10, 2015

Police Operations

It is important to list the hierarchy.

1.Local Politico.

2. Local Underworld.

3. Beat Boy, usually a policeman from a distant police on punishment transfer.

4. Local Police with indirect Link with the Provincial Mafia.

5. The real mafia and the BOSS with international connections.

You can see how it  is closely knit with the power politics and why politicians are subservient to the mafia and not to the public or the voter.

If an ordinarly person makes a complaint there is a ready made disposal method in operation.

The complainant is taken into custody in the pretext of making false allegations.

He or she is made to withdraw the complaint to protect the local mafiosi.

Speedy Justice.

This does note mean that there are good guys.

If a smart guy takes some meaningful actions he is immediately taken out of the case and files are immediately leaked to the media.

The media is directly under the supervision of the local mafia boss.

Most of the local journalists are on their pay role.
Their job is to get to the bottom of the investigation before the police ( it is a concocted story like in a TeLe Drama).

The police is immediately on the wrong track as devised by the local mafiosi.
In actual fact, most of the national papers and some TV channels are financed by international Mafia.

The above comments should be taken in relative sense.

We had very good police officers.
One of them who comes to my mind is Shanmugam who was a Peradeniya graduate.

We had Tamil officers of high caliber.

All these changed with the emergence of LTTE.

The police became a Sinhala police.
The worse of it came under Chandrika!

Wayamba election epitomized the worse of it.

There was no turning back from that point.

The police became an extension of  political arm. 
In due course police became the protector of the underworld with the blessing of both ruling and opposition politicians.
 Of course, among the underworld guys / girls there is no blue camp or green camp except for few sqiurmishes for the territory they operate (Colombo 7 or Colombo 11 or 8).

Now of course, saffron clothed guys have taken over the diligent administration of the local mafia in the name of Nationalism not Racism (coming from 'Golubella - Goni Billa Inside-Chinthanaya' of Amaratungas and Amarasekeras-who introduced Kunu Harupa to Sinhala).

Some of these operations are well established including in the Colombo suburbs.

I wonder how these rich temples get the money, now that the Baby Elephant Trade is diminishing (must be a temporary hold up but it will-Elephant Trade-reemerge in due course once the elections are over).

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