Monday, August 17, 2015

Gal or Pol or Rata Arrakku

Black or White
I kept low profile over the last 48 hours taking a cue from the election commissioner.
To be honest I did not have a vote, so my vituperation has no impact.

There was mixture of good bad and the ugly.

The ugly was the media and some saffron clothed guys without Metta in their constitution but Chanda or the attachment as a accompaniment and Agati as mode of political operation.

Let me add a few that were spread during the election campaign.

1. Yaha Palanaya (good governance) and Yama (bad governance) Palanaya

2. War or Peace

3. Maithree (love) or Hate

4. Black (at night or with the underworld) or White Label (Sil Reddha during day time)

5.Top Hat or Loin Cloth or Mammoty

6. Toyyoh or Byyoh or Goiyoh

7. The Good Bad and the Ugly

8. Fear or comfort or compassion

9. Bad guys or Good guys

10. Gal or Pol or Rata Arrakku

The term 'Agati' in Pali mean wrong course or going bad way.

There are four bad ways,
a) Chandā agati – the blind attachment-the going a bad way through will
b) Dosā agati -the opposite of Maithrie the Hate-the going a bad way through hate
c) Bhayā agati - the going a bad way through fear
d) Mohā agati – The wrong view (the anti-democratic means) the going a bad way through delusion

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