Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Political Buffoon

A Political Buffoon

I was appalled by a guy who is behind the good governance protocol making daring insult to the democracy and thereby the citizens' collective resolve for change by ousting Ma Ra.

My assessment of this guy is a bogus intellectual with ulterior motive to slip under MS coat as a presidential adviser and achieve all the thing he could not do by himself in the competitive world.

He had been in this system for long to know all the loop holes and knows where the cream is and where the crumbs should go.

He had the audacity say one should spoil the vote and elect a hung parliament where these scoundrels can slip in with sheep coats.

He is trying to minimize the public demand for radical change with new buzz word Yaha Palanaya or the good governance.

I am an advocate of stable government not an unstable rag tag government or national government.

The national government is the buzz word for all the rogues to (blue and green) get together and swindle which is damn easy.

That does not mean to say that we should have a constitutional assembly to thrash out a new constitution.

That is where everybody's contribution is important.

One is not too small or big in terms of party or representation.

I go bit further even people from outside without party associations should be included.

The current citizen action forums showed the way and this guy is riding high in this band waggon and he is riding high for his own narrow gains.

He is not stupid but crafty.

He is fishing in muddy water and he deliberately muddy it or confuse the voter for his personal gain.

I think he is worse than our former chief justice who was good at fishing in any water for his gain but failed since all the politicians from Chandrika to Ranil to Mahinda did not trust him but used him.

MR is currently using him by giving him a list post, so that he does not give alternative views to green camp.
He may be use as the speaker for an impeachment to be brought against MS.

I think he is imprisoned himself in a quagmire now.

Good on him.

Funny things happen when political uncertainty ride high and strange bed fellows enter the fray.

The MS scenario is one such episode, where there is no precedence.

That is why I always call it an aberration in our polity.

I like it in an intellectual sense, since its gives a window of opportunity for alternative ways of doing things.

Not consensus, by the way.
There is is no consensus in this country, politically.
Ethnic issue is a case in point.

According to Professor Bono's it is called the Lateral Thinking, not vertical or hierarchical as in a political system.

Our politicians and their advisers in this country will take another 100 years to grasp Professor Bono's concepts for solving problems (for 500 fortune companies but not a particular political party's problems created by its members).

My advice is as follows.

1. Do not listen to these mushroom pundits who are creating images for themselves at our expense in TV time.

They are crooks fishing in muddy water (they muddy the water or confuse the voter).

2. We need a change from Wada Wasam Mentality of MR.

3. We need to be participative, that is the bread an butter of democracy.

Spoiling the vote (I think this guy is voicing the opinion of MR. He has a secret ploy up his sleeve to buy 20 guys/girls from where ever he can from JVP to UNP, he has the money to spare at that level and at that time) is a crime.

4. I believe our voter is smart to pick his or her choice without me prodding as it were in a Tele prompting in a live TV episode.

5. Stable government for at least next two is essential for economic recovery and readjusting debts.

6. We should give it to one party.

I believe we can oust UNP easily, if they go on the wrong track not Ma Ra.

Mara will hang on for life whereas we have young blood, Sajith in the wing to upset any grandiose dreams of RW.

7. The real reason for me asking for a stable government is that the 19 amendment does not give any leeway for an election for 4 and a half years.

Unstable government for four years will ruin our economy or the real gains we achieved by ousting Ma Ra.

8. For his own health MS needs a stable government and for his own survival.

Otherwise RW and MR will join hand and have a impeachment in no time.

MS has no party or members to help him in that scenario like for example Ranasinghe Premadasa.

9. Our politicians form SWRD, Philip to NM are the worse on this planet earth.

MR is no different and we have the painful experience.

Ousting him by a BIG margin is the only way out of this crisis.

Ousting RW will become automatic if we can prove it to MR now.

Then only RW will fear the voter, not otherwise.

Jathika Cinthanaya is hiding like Golubellas now with their tentacles inside.

If MR comes back even with a thin margin these Golubellas will reemerge with vigor.

Come to think about it our politicians are an evolutionary descendant of these slimy snails.

Read about snails below.

The anatomy of a land snail is very different from many other animals in the world.

Some people find them to be fascinating while others think they are pretty ugly. When you start to break down all of the parts of the body though they definitely have an interesting anatomy and physiology.
The shell of a land snail can be very different in size and shape depending on the species of snail it is. Some of them are coned while others are flatter. However, all of them have a spiral design to them, caused by the way land snails produce and growth their shells.
Shells serve as a way to protect snails from the environment and even from predators in some cases. However, many predators are able to bite through the hard shells with powerful teeth and jaws.
The shell of a land snail is made up of calcium carbonate. The shell becomes very strong and remains that way as long as the snail consumes a diet that is full of calcium. Without it the shell will start to crack. Since the rest of the body is very soft and slimy, they must have a hard shell if they are going to survive the elements in the world around them.
While moving, snails they leave behind a trail of mucus. This mucus acts as a powerful lubricant to reduce friction against the surface. This is why they are able to move upside down, around corners, and other situations.

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