Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My First Mobile Phone

My First Mobile Phone
I am new to mobile world.
Even though, I lived in the old wired and weird world of communication, my association with communication technology is over 30 years.
In fact, I hated the wired and particularly wireless world.
In those days, it was always bad news and emergency calls where our exclusive presence was a must and was needed in minutes, if not seconds.
The wireless connectivity was primitive land phone was the most accessible.
Only the consultants had the most expensive gadgets and their range was 30 miles the most.
They used to slip out to London for lucrative (early days of Paid Private Practice-PPP) private practice and all the emergency work we carried out and with a regular telephone contact to update ground situation.
This started deteriorating and I decided to return home, since one in two roster was taxing our freedom a lot.
We initiated trade union action and were studying the EU mandates and was able to make it one in three but it came to effect 10 years after I left, London.
We were in the forefront of action having ousted a corrupt regime in Sri-Lanka few years before.

I never liked trade union actions until the year 2010 when we decided it was in need more urgent than 1970s SLFP.

The setup was not GMOA but the University this time round.
So the current YahaPalanaya should take a not that one cannot subdue brains by emotions.
We had wireless bleepers and moment we get a bleep we had to reach the nearest phone.
And our telephone etiquette was brief but personal.
We were on the move or in action.
Commando style action and stress but never life endangering.
We were well protected even in a cyclone, earth quake or any natural disaster.

Because of the energy it drains but in latter part of my life married with kids telephone was an allergy and high risk instrument, unlike the young generation of today, one cannot find one without a smart phone.
So coming back home buying a cell phone was not my priority.
In fact, on the little sojourns abroad I borrow an old one from a friend or relative for action and buy a new one on the return flight for my family members.
Even though, I did not use (now even the land phone) a mobile for many years and for lot of reasons.
The latest and the most important one being the government (old regime) snoops were tapping on everybody's phone with paranoia.
I never had a political agenda and never did dirty work but I hate snoopers both here and abroad.
For me the PC with Ethernet was good enough for my world wide communication.
Hacking for knowing the inner bits is not for bad things but eavesdropping for political reason was an anathema or bete noire for me.

Now I am into mobile world and in the little election corridor we had I delved in deep to mobile world.
You will be hearing from me from security to cash to systems to Google play from now onwards.
I am yet to give a call but doing lot of integrating including using it as a cloud client.
In fact I downloaded the UC browser few hours ago standing and waiting for a bus to return home.
The reason being wireless connection is pretty bad, (so I do my my wireless work on the move and on the lookout for locating a wireless hot spot) in spite of living beside the engineering faculty.
We are politically virile but technologically very impotent.
There is lot of hindrances due to steep hills of this country. 
I hope the Google Ballooning might give a boost.

I hope America would help, so that they can tap all the latest without spending much for spies.
Any Sri-Lankan can be bought for a pittance (NGOs included) one need not be a MP or a Minister.
They give dead ropes to the voter and the foreign agencies.
Please do not believe them.
All of them are crooks after Mahinda's training.
He still pulls the strings from various corners.
I think he is better off becoming a puppet trainer.

All his allies were puppets in power and out of power,too.

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