Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kithul Tree

Palm trees are a fascination for me.
If I leave out the exotics which the British introduced to this country according to James Percival's writings Kthul was our national tree of the ancient kings.

These ancient kings were a lazy lot.
They enjoyed both the treacle and particularly the toddy.
These lazy guys to protect his / her kingdom used elephants in warfare.

Nothing to do with religion which abhor war but preach metta!
There is n metta to this gentle beast by Buddhists and their monks.

These poor guys caught by kraals are made the beast of burden in the past 5000 years.

The pageantry was a very late development!

The British decimated the upcountry population and driven them to the dry zone by default.

Coming back to Kithul tree the elephants developed a close relationship with the tree and toddy which the devoted Buddhist mahout drank in gallons and partook little with his gentle animal companion.

Unlike the mahout the sober elephant never went rampage after toddy.

They were more sober unlike humans of this country.

So if you love this majestic beast please do not give them sweets that make them go blind due to cataract and diabetes.

Give them some fresh Kithul toddy not coconuts toddy.

That will take the pain of walking on tar roads they hate.

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