Saturday, August 22, 2015

Key Players of the Push

Harin Fernando was one of the main political key players of the project change which culminated on the 8th of January.
But before him there were many  small meetings on the corridors of the University of Peradeniya.
The art faculty dons were docile but later joined in small numbers.
It started way back in 2010 with a few academic members of a very small faculty.
They were well supported by the young and energetic junior members.
The decision to mount an organized campaign ended up on a general strike.
The strike was a big failure, just as well and it lead up to better and more organized political campaign not spearheaded by UNP (they actually jumped in the band wagon very late but Harin was the one jump started it) but by civil action groups coordinated by Jayadeva Uyangoda ably supported by Nirmal Devasiri.
The failure of the strike led up to making links with all the Universities.
Harin's impact made the very docile Kandy district to make amends carefully observed by the university community.
Then Jayampahy and Lal took it up to the masses in Kandy. 
Victor Ivan and Rawaya were in the forefront from the beginning.
MS was nowhere but Ranil ably supported by Chandrika made it happen by mobilizing its resources.
Why I am writing this?
One to state that Harin was the one who made the slumbering UNPers in Colombo to wake up.
He rang the wake up call.
It was very important pragmatic step.
The citizen groups gave only the vision but the mission was carried to grassroots level by very few UNPers.
The rest reaped the benefits.
My second point is more relevant now, simply because the intent of the National Government is to SUBDUE the citizen action groups for two years expecting it to peter out and the parties take over the control.
The third point is the fleas are around My3 (MS-President) like one who said spoil the vote to takes the icing and leave the crumbs for the citizen groups.
So this is the time to keep mounting pressure to make tangible results fresh and fast.
We have to be more vigilant NOW.

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