Monday, August 10, 2015

It is a close call for democracy

It is a close call for democracy.

With less than two weeks before the election, Rajapaksa is trailing Wickremesinghe according to a latest opinion poll.
The survey by independent think tank Center for Policy Alternatives questioned 1,986 people from across the country and ethnic groups, and shows that Rajapaksa has the support of 27.5 percent against 39.8 percent for Wickremesinghe.
The survey had a 2-percentage point margin of error.
Opinion polls are not accurate.
My predictions MR 42% 5,000,000.
RW 43% 5,100,000.
Close battle.
A difference of 100,000 t0 200,000.
Paper thin margin.
Violent campaign towards the end.
Voter has the final say and they should turn up in numbers to nullify the political thugs.
Cell phone is handy and record them quickly (do not expect the police to do a good job) and post them to the Election Commissioner.
Vigilante groups are mandatory.
The Commissioner of Election is the only savior of our democracy.
I do not trust the police, they tore the line with the underworld created during the last decade.

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