Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Integrating my web presence with an Android

Integrating all the cloud utilities with an android was not an easy task.
Only missing element was Ubuntu.
I am no fan of Ubuntu, even though, I am a Linux guy.

I think the giving up of Ubuntu Phone and trying it with only the community funding was a big mistake on Canonical part.
They had the money, power and organizational structure (not the strategy) on their side but they like the Sri-Lankan majority party and the politician riding high lacked the vision (to integrate the grassroots level masses) to go with the emerging trends.

Mobile phone was corporate industry
Small players were weaned out in the beginning.
Ubuntu would have gone commercial, if not corporate.
That was a big mistake.
Even the Firefox gave up.
Where they failed Google trumped.
Jelly bean to Kitcat to Lollipop, a success story.

Coming back to Cloud Computing, Google is the giant.
But I started up with Dropbox.
Even though, I had some reservations of its commercial aspect, it was a small idea which actually blossomed.
Unfortunately, I was busy with academic activity and my writing, I remained hooked to Amazon but not with Dropbox.
So I missed the initial headaches,  toothaches and labour pains of cloud computing. 

I needed Amazon for my writing needs anyway.
Even Amazon entered commercial cloud, I did not have the money go with them.

Now I find even Amazon has Mobile utility.

I remained with Google for (almost daily) blog activity.
Looking outside the box was a giant step, for me.

There are many utilities like Tumblr, I had very little exposure.
There is Box and many more cloud clients. 

Then there is Google journey or journal.

I prefer the word journal.
All our activities are journalized, every second, which is an amazing technological feat.

With my tiny Android Phone I am integrating my journals, writings from Wordpress, Google, Dropbox and Amazon any many more (Tumbler).

The cloud is a minefield of technology now.
I am glad that I am alive and kicking enjoying the tit bits (Viber include) unlike (instead of) our senile racists of Amarasekera types and moribund politicians whose blood is driven by hate not Maithree.
I know most of them hate our current President Maithree, just browse the web sites in Sinhala and comments under their racist articles.

Buddhism teaches us Maithree or universal compassion but in reality we practice HATE PHILOSOPHY.
Cloud Computing (this is political)
Cloud is the future in our mass communication strategy.
We under Mahinda Chinthanaya was erecting giant posters on every lamp post but did not pursue the emerging technology with vision.

We missed the technology bus under racist thinking frames.

We we isolated from the global trends.
We needed the 'frogs in the well mentality' for the propagation of one man show.

It is a global village now.

We could have revolutionized the education system in just in 10 years with the use of the cloud.
We failed.
There is no room for racism or religious fanaticism in the global village.
We are becoming one not many, all the while retaining the cultural heritage.
Instead we created local mafiosi.
Our language policy is the biggest hindrance.
Parents should have the choice of medium of instruction not the state.
This is where we failed and became more and moreracist by our language.
Politicians loved it nboth Tamil Sinhala and English.
The biggst gift of mankind the English left us, their versatile language was squandered by politicians from Bandaranayake to Chelvanayagam and their followers.
But they educated their children in English, French and German.

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