Thursday, August 6, 2015

Enemies of Democracy

Enemies of Democracy

Most of our elected Members of Parliament are enemies of democracy, sometime in their non illustrious political life.

Before, I illustrate with examples, let me tell you the biggest thorn in the crown or the democracy is the former chief justice who gave a ruling that crossing a party to an opposing camp in power was justifiable.

This was the lowest level one can go down in our history, in the name distorted interpretation of the constitution.

That single line or phrase or comma or semicolon is enough to abrogate the present constitution on the first available opportunity as an obnoxious piece of paper not worth the democracy that it was to uphold, the peoples franchise or the righteous practice or free choice.

From SWRD to CP to Philip to many more crossed over or changed the will of the wishful citizens' desire midway in the flight.

It was like the Malaysian pilots who changed or caused or sent the plane to autopilot mode.
Inevitable disaster.

That is why our democracy is so putrid and smelly.

We cannot change course or autopilot the democratic process by few undesirable elements.

The current guy who boasts that he can change the wish of the people is S.B.

There are the very people we should not sent to the assembly if we want the good governance takes its course.

Unfortunately, G.LP and Rajiva (whose father was the secretary general of the assembly) and even Amunugama in their career have violated the wish of the people.

It is said that there are 20 odd SLFPs who are planning to cross after the fact.

If we can identify them they are the very MPs who should not be trusted or elected.

I must say some Tamil leaders and Muslim leaders are front runners in this array of cross over targets, with the drop of a hat. 

All these people should touch their chest where the anatomy of the heart can be located (if they have any anatomical perception) when they take the oath of allegiance to the constitution and when they take the solemn pledges to uphold (when they're reelected by people's wishes) the democracy or rule of law.

I know none of them have the correct constitution or conscience.

It is not the academic qualifications that matter but the moral perspective of all our legislators who lack integrity and common courtesy.

So don't put the blame on the average voter.

We need to educate the voter and especially the Buddhist monks or saffron clothed guys who try to enter the legislature.

I am told the highest number of monks are seeking election, this time round.

I supposed they should be de-robed on the day of the election for violating Damma (Chanda is a demerit unholy attachment Buddhists despise).

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