Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Coconut, Arecanut and Durians

I am getting bored to death.
If not for the latest technological possession, I would have gone nuts listening to the media and political pundits.
My saviour was the mobile phone!
The Android to be precise.
I am getting obsessed with palm trees.
I have tried to germinate few arecanuts but failed.
But my exotic palm trees bloomed twice and I collected enough nuts for future propagation.

But my current predicament is a very old coconut tree probably older than me.

It stand not erect but dangerously inclined or tilted towards the badly managed, not a motorway thankfully, road.
Every time I walk under it, I go into instant meditative mode.
Is it my last  instant on this planet earth, killed not by a junta but by a falling coconut or a falling coconut tree?
There is a single arecanut tree that bloomed twice but no nuts.
That needs my biological investigation.
Then what about the Durians?

My question is what will happen when any of these nuts fall on your head at high velocity?

They are dangerous, even an arecanut.
My obsession was ask people to collect rotten eggs for post election treat.
Some of these mafiosi guys are so smelly, even if you throw one at them it won't make any diffence.
My wish is for ripe Durians to fall on their heads with high velocity, with instant the fall of the power on the 17th..

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