Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Auto Analysis

We were brought up with a sense of responsibility and integrity.
I was fortunate enough to see this in a Christian school setup where clergy to be trained were housed.

I hated the white coat / cloak and the strict discipline ingrained in the scriptures or the cord of conduct.
I was born free and I valued it with certain amount of restrain and responsibility.

I do not like to put the label morality, to that conviction.

It was more of equal Rights associated with freedom.
I could see the old feudal system in operation.
The caste system and the associated poverty was visible everywhere.
I was fortunate that I could foresee the British gift, the education was the way forward for independence self assertiveness.

The Peradeniya University is a monumental gift from the British.
It has produced intellectuals but no real leaders.
This piece is not to ruminate on grandiosity or the past achievements (2550 year history means nothing to me) but to really analyse where we went wrong in our recent history.

I can put it in one word, SELFISHNESS.
We have a now parallel black or mafiosi organization and the black money in current is over 50%.

I believe that the underworld partly operated by the LTTE was taken over by the Sinhala mafiosi ably supported by powerful politicians.
I have illustrated elsewhere the decadence that set in in the law enforcing authority or the police.

It is there in the legal system too.
One former chief justice is one classic example of poor integrity.
The legal system is there to protect the big offenders both inside or outside the prison.
I think they are  more powerful and organized inside the prison than outside.
But we should not put the blame only there.

We got it wrong almost every field.

The decadence started in the public schools.
In 1970s pupil teachers were appointed without qualifications.
Most of them contracted VD while in service and source was traced to several ministers.

One was named a Kotiya not Kukula.
Then this progressed to our temples.
Two reasons.
Monks were given paid teaching jobs.
Temples were used as ancillary teaching agencies.

Some of these places were used to print counterfeit currency.
Then they started laundering money.
Finally Baby Elephant Trade!
Some big local mafiosi use some of these temples as operational bases.
The list is immense and a saffron clothed guy digging ancient artifacts finally entered the parliament to further the trade with impunity.

That is why some MPs and wives have two passports.
There is a big network and saffron clothed guys were like undercover agents in full swing. 
The law enforcement fell to the nadir.
No different from Myanmar where some of them have close associations.
In the education system examination officers were corrupt and leak papers (this happened in the Law College, too) and Z-score was manipulated for personal gains.
Quality of the undergraduate entering the system fell and private institutions mushroomed since there was a need for the failure to the system to make a headway by other means, namely by buying places with ill gotten money.
There is no place in the civil society free from corruption or political interference.
So Auto Analysis by politicians to academicians to clergy is a must.
The election will solve nothing if we do not spend little time after the election to some auto analysis and after that an effort to formulate a constitution without serious lapses in culpability and accountability.
The current constitution is laden with looping pit holes for the corrupt to slip through.
The bond scam is a case in point.

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