Thursday, July 16, 2015

Public Urination and Poster ((elections) Pasting by drug addicts

Public Urination and Poster ((elections) Pasting by drug addicts in Sri-Lanka

 Below is a a reproduction from New York Times.

If the US Police comes here they can catch drug peddlers in one night of election Poster Pasting.

We are yet to pass a law to convict Poster Pasting as an offence.

Actually our Private Tuition Teachers' Trade Mark Trade is Poster Pasting at night, in between elections.
No wonder their students become drug peddlers.

There are the obvious reasons (common courtesy, bro) and perhaps less obvious ones (it's a crime, ma'am) one should not use a city alleyway or any other public space as a toilet, no matter how pressing.
The New York Police Department has been testing a crackdown on public urination and other quality-of-life offenses as more heinous crimes had slowed, write the Times reporters Matt Flegenheimer and J. David Goodman.
And now city officials are toying with the idea of treating these offenses, in some cases, as a violation rather than a misdemeanor.
This may not be welcome news to the segment of Juris Doctors in New York that has been more than willing to stand in solidarity with, and profit from, those caught on the wrong side of the law with their pants down.
The Burrell Law Firm advertises: "You visited N.Y.C. … You Partied… You were drunk… You had to Go… You got caught! Don't fret."
Other minor offenses also under review, like biking on city sidewalks and staying in parks after hours, have too been tapped by law firms for potential business opportunities.

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