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Nexus and Connections-Points to Ponder

Nexus and Connections-Points to Ponder
The availability of illegal drugs is on the increase.
It is not a trade that is new to this country.
There was a MP from the deep south who was Ganja Grower in 1970s, who was killed in 1989 in an internal (south) conflict.

I can remember there were a few who experimented this many moons ago.
I have helped at least one graduate to wean from this menace.
Of course at that time it was hashish (Ganja) not heroine.
The danger of hashish is that it makes the user to try harder currencies.

My investigations of illegal capture of baby elephants and sale and killing of elephants (mothers especially) inadvertently lead me to the real reason for killing the elephants.
The elephants love to feed on illegal hashish plantation deep in the jungle.
That was the primary reason for killing wild elephants.
The lame excuse that they were destroying vegetable plots and farmers had to kill them to protect their vegetable plots was the red herring.
Yes, there were few plots of vegetable gardens in between the vast jungle tracks cultivated with hashish.
There were direct connivance with the rouge and corrupt forest officers.
Then it developed into trading baby elephants.
Even 'so called' Buddhist monks but corrupt got involved in this shoddy affair.
They gave cover to the traffickers.
The nexus with the 'Sil Reddha (white cloth) and the Saffron cloth was made.
If one takes the Sil Reddha or Saffron cloth off one exposes underworld (this is the Sri-Lankan mafiosi).
The police had been very much part of this multifaceted trade, since most of the underworld had direct connection with the ruling party.

All these went on uninterrupted and some of them became media moguls of this country.
They were instrumental in promoting (overtly) truly Buddhist virtues and BBS and such organizations sprung up as additional springboards to support covert operations (but overtly and absolutely corrupt system).
Collection money not deposited to coffers daily from water board, electricity board and even Telecoms were siphoned to the pushers and peddlers on the basis that once the transactions are finished, they are returned with a commission to the corrupt officers.

This is where the black money meets the legal money.

Unfortunately black money circulating exceeded the legal money.

That is where the whole system breaks down and point of no return.
If the black money does not come, the legal money collapses.
If the Central Bank prints money and put the money into the circulation it leads to inflation.
That was the very reason we do not see new notes in circulation.
This helped the underworld to introduce counterfeit notes in plenty.
Again the temples were used to siphon the counterfeit money as collection from tills.
That is why some temples are very rich (laundered money) not due to laymen contribution.
In fact laymen is in hand to mouth existence.
These were the very temples that were trading baby elephants at exorbitant prices.

Finally the judges and legal fraternity were there to defend these mafiosi.
It is the very reason that nobody gets caught.

I should finish this nexus with a final note.
Why the big guys do not get caught.
Dealings are done not on high seas but on air routes.
Now Katunayake and Mattala are the biggest entry points of illegal trade not sea board and port it used to be.
Mattala to Katunayake route is the latest and the most profitable in this trade route with even Chinese Connections.
Most of them have several passports usually two which they slip though the scanning devices effortlessly.
The custom officers are also in the nexus.

So there is no catch but lot of black money to throw at elections.

The whole system is corrupt.
It is an uphill task to clean up.
The reason these are not exposed in national papers is that the mafiosi owns the paper industry and TV channels too.

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