Thursday, July 30, 2015

Karapotthas,Golubellas, Gonussas and Gobels in our Politics

Animal incarnation in our Politics

We as Sri Lankan love imitating animals.
All our peraheras depict this very well.
I believe the peraheras or pageants have  nothing to do with religion but a vestige of ancient customs.
The gajaba (Elephant)  vannama, hansa  (swan) vannama are examples.
Sinhabahu (Lion) is on retreat and the elephants are on the ascent.

The golubellas (snails in their shells)  that include Amarasekaras, Amaratungas and Nalin are on temporary retreat from their supremacy and racist theory and concepts.

Little diversions is necessary.
AMARA means Deva or godly.  

You need understand the workings behind it.
I have a friend named, Amaranath, that he takes the name of Natha Deiyyoh or Deviya.

All these amarayas (long living) think they are godly  by name and birth. 

They then  in old age and out of office start advising political thugs.
These political thugs assume godly status.
They invariably become dictators.
Amara has another meaning long living or never die.
The reason being the gods comparatively live much longer lives than the human subjects.
It is almost equivalent to no death.
That is why all our Buddhists want become a god after life if not this life and postpone Nirvana indefinitely till the next Maithrie Buddha is born.

The corollary of this is significant in political context.
These demagogues assume what ever the Chinthanaya they invest upon will outlive for generations.
That was the fault in their thinking.
They last only three or most four election terms of office.

Then the peoples supremacy takes over.
These political thugs become Upside down Karapotthas (cockroaches).

This is where my political analysis become relevant.
They should never be helped into upside up posture again.
It is a political crime very difficult to redeem.

Gonussas (scorpions) are the political morons that give these politicians, amnesic or anaesthetic injections from the tail end of their but.

These political Gonussas actually do not have brains.

Coming back to Lions and Tigers in our history is a big mistake of our own.
We have only leopards in this country, no lions or tigers in living memory.
In fact not in the evolutionary history of this island.
I think emergence of Lion was by default and not by design.
The emergence of politics in this country and the history of greens is also a big mystery.

With universal franchise in situ and with the level of literacy at its lowest when election was to be conducted they needed a symbol to identify the green party.
The choice of elephant was easy.
They would have thought even a blind could figure out an elephant. 
But the breakaway party of the green, the blues were left wit no choices in the animal kingdom to match biggy.
They could have chosen a begging bowl but went for the hand symbol.
The hand symbol was almost synonymous with the palming oil or bribing.
Of course they changed it to betel with a purpose.
Thy could easily hide the money inside the leaves.
This is what I saw in village headman of yesteryear who solicited money inside betel leaves when a crime was committed by one of his subjects and no action was taken by him to reprimand the assailant.
So this practice of bribery  and corruption  grew to present day mafiosi.
The blue party with hand symbol with the majority syndrome in their baggies indirectly pretended that the Lion symbol was their birthright.
Lion symbol in the national flag was an ancillary,
The emergence of Tiger symbol probably originated in Madras was an indirect consequence.
Political Goni Billas currently are hiding due to mass awareness.
They will emerge secretly from time to time until the election is over.

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