Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Calm before the Storm or Is it Waiting for Clandestine Operations?

Calm Before the Storm or Is it Waiting  for Clandestine Operations?
This is something I dread.
I think it is the waiting time  before sinister operations begin.
They were used to these clandestine operations for the last 20 years.
The politicos who depended on them have both fear and trust on them.
The final assault will be targeted towards the end of the election campaign.
The Commissioner of Election has a big responsibility to prevent this Mada Program. 
The intention is to cloud the mind of an average voter during the final and critical stage and win the swing vote.
That is why I call it sinister.
They guys/girls want to get IN first and then unleash the corrupt ways and means to amass wealth.
This election is unusual and untimely (people did not ask for it- the election is held two years before) and there is no preemptive strikes to take the lead.
Play safe and wait and that had probably contributed to comparative lack of violence.
I think it is the mobile power of the Mobile Phone.
One can take a video and post it immedately.
Only restriction is the upload speed which is very poor.
This blog piece was drafted from a mobile phone and edited subsequently after uploading using my desktop PC.
I suppose we must use the phone productively to minimize interfering with the normal conduct of this election.
The credit should go to both the election commissioner and the police officers who take public service seriously instead of bending their back to politicians with underworld connections.
This is the only time the politicians fear the civilians on the street.
If there are false and bogus or Mada Programs we must use our phones to counteract and more importantly to be proactive rather than acting after the fact.

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