Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Unscientific Sri-Lankanns in the House of Commons

Unscientific Sri-Lankanns in the House of Commons

The Buddha before uttering the first paean (proclaim) of joy, after blissful entry unto the Enlightenment, highlighted three significant words of wisdom.

Sadly these three are the very words lacking in the minds of Colombo 7 Buddhists who are engaged in politics rather than inquiring into wisdom thoughts.

Politics is not a science but selfish desire to grab and hold onto power (all Sri-Lankans in all communities without exception aspire to become a politician in POWER.

All of them, including the monks who bless or shelter them in their temples end up in hell.
It does not matter which party but followers also by their thuggery claim a sure entry to hell.
Only problem is the current Apaya Director an ex-president of Sri-Lanka.
He is sacred the present one is assassinated (some Sri-Lankan astrologers are predicting it by their criminal intents) and come there to replace him.

As opposed to destroying the 'Sansara House', they build palatial and luxurious houses to enlighten the stupid followers, some of them who had become rich by peddling drugs (quicker way or shortcut to enlightenment).

Aloka (Light) Udapada
The light that displaces the darkness of ignorance
Vidya (Science) Udapada
(Science, the better term is Inquiring Mind that penetrates the unknown)
Prangna (Wisdom) Udapada
(Wisdom or the unwavering wakeful awareness) Clutching to present moment of grief or happiness. transience)

Paean of Joy (Udana)
Anekajati samsaram
sandhavissa anibbisam
Gahakarakam bavesanto
Dukkha jati punapunam
Gahakaraka dittho'si
Puna geham na kahasi
Sabba te phasuka bhagga
Gahakatam visamkhitam
Vesamkharagatam cittam
Tanhanam khayamajjhaga.

Through many a birth in Samsara
Wandered I,
Seeking, but not finding,
The builder of the house.

Sorrowful is repeated birth.

Oh the house builder!
Thou art was seen.
All thy rafters are broken
Thy ridgepole is shattered.
Having attained the unconditioned mind,
The end of craving was realized!

Replace the house with house of no-commoners in our assembly.

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