Friday, June 5, 2015


I am testing Wikipedia as a space for three or four liners (not verses)
I do not believe in encyclopedic articles.
I do not think guys/girls have time even in universities for BIG articles except for their titles (PhDs etc)
I browsed one of your articles (scrappy one) of my Alma Mater (University) and found it revolting.
I was not looking for my name but one of my teachers who is desperately ill (Prof of English) and one of my colleagues (who is an eminent vascular surgeon) who too is ill.
Both names were missing
So I put this piece as a test.
See below.
Sri-Lanka desperately needs reconciliation since racist mindset and political agenda are hell bent on destroying 'Good Governance or Yaha Palanaya.

If Wikimedia has no space for two or four liners (Like in Dhamma Pada), I won't visit it again.

I have enough FREE space in the WEB to express my views.

Hope I have not misused your space and time.

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