Sunday, June 14, 2015

Public Nuisance and Public Display of Human Remains

Public Nuisance and Public Display of Human Remains
In recent times, a leading private TV media had organized two street events disregarding public nuisance it, creates in the name of

1. Religion
2. Racial / Religious Integration

I do not think both these events created any binding impact except for publicity for the Media that organized it got.

I was itching to voice my opinion but declined since that would have had some domino effect and avalanche of protests interfering these events of its imagined but plausible benefits to the public as it progressed through the streets.

In a country where legitimate political or trade union events are blatantly suppressed in the name or pretext of public order by police, how these events are allowed over 40 days is beyond my comprehension.

I would state only once hindrance.

It is a hindrance to the smooth plying of ambulances.
Imagine a situation where an ambulance is transporting a cardiac patient.
Using school children in these events for long hours is also unacceptable.

These media giants are preying on the innocent public who would do anything to appear on TV Freely.

What I say is applied to political parties too.

Let these people have these events well past school and office hours to see the public response.
It would be revealing to do a public survey to see how these events changed the people's perspective.

I bet none except media stunt that the media expects from it/them.

As regards to the general perception of Dhatu or the Elements that were displaced in public, there is no credentials to prove that those Dhatu belongs to the said Arhaths.
Since the Arhaths have no desire for publicity or media stunt and they have been truly extinguished of worldly bondage, this display is a gimmick that descends from Indian or Hindu concepts and do not belong to true Buddhist values.

Unfortunately Arhaths have no way of defending their legal rights that have been violated and vandalized by some monks and media.

I do not want my remains (I am not an Arhath) to be vandalized in public after my demise and I will state that in my last Will.

It is simply an inhuman way to practice a religion with wisdom.

Let remains remain as they are if not integrated with the rest of the elements at atomic level.
Even the Hindu Practice after death is philosophical and prudent and that is why they put the ash to Ganga and Yamuna for true eternal integration with the mother nature.

The worshiping of remains is redundant in the modern day and human culture.

If a monk want to keep them in a temple, be that it may be and any follower can visit them in person.

Please do not bring dead remains to streets and public places under the pretext of religion.

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