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Politics, Selfishness, Common Sense and Lack of Creativity

Politics, Selfishness, Common Sense and Lack of Creativity

'It is very easy to change to reverse gear in politics.

To say that it is our 'Poruve Karumaya' is not really scientific but real 'Awastha Vadaya.'

This was a comment I made under a political comment.

We lack credibility and creativity in politics.

The way we manage problems is like 'the Andiya and his friends' trying to contribute fistful of rice to the boiling water pot.
The parliament is like an Ambalama (Resting place) for various reasons including drug lords and mafia.

Nobody contributes but pretends the fist is full of rice.

This applies to the various pressure groups within the SLFP.

The current SLFP is like a lost horse or handicapped horse.

Their triple jumper (Opposition Leader, PM and twice President is a spent force now) is the horse who jumped over (astrological and astronomical) the wrong fence and crashed after a false start.

He should be retired for good.

In horse races they put down the injured horse with one bullet to the heart.

This is called mercy killing but the real reason is the owner who has become rich (made money) from the horse and has no benevolent heart or money to be spared in looking after the injured (in our case the voter).

Any money spent on losing horse is not well spent.

An average punter on the street knows it but the die hard corrupt SLFPs do not have the courage to believe the inevitable.

It was a long 21 years of power without rehabilitation with only a two year interruption

They will lose even if they prolong or procrastinate the election till April next year, just like what happened to them in 1977.
This is with or without Ma Ra.

Srimavo was not as bad as Ma Ra except extending the parliament by two years for non-aligned summit.

The verdict was overwhelming, to say the least.

The boiling pot is 'the need for radical change in governance' which the current president is dilly dallying and procrastinating with his obsession with the old party.

His attempt at purifying his party of old codgers in the party including those who crossed from the UNP is a wasteful exercise.

Let the prudent voter does the cleaning (don't be a Dhoby) for him and he will be absolved of any wrong doing by the man on the street.

This is what our 'Doing Bloody Well', D.B.Wijetunge did when he was the President.

Nobody blamed him for loss of UNP but JRJ.

He died a peaceful death.

This is what T.B.Illangaratne did when time to retire was on the card.

Unlike Ma Ra (verging on dictatorship) he was a colossal socialist activist and down to earth figure.

No megalomania.

1. He created the Peoples Bank.

2. He created the Insurance Corporation.

3. He created the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

4. He had contribution to CWE (SWRD's creation).

5. He contributed to cooperative movement.

All these institutions were abused by the current SLFPers.

Megalomania is a serious psychiatric disease incurable.

Everybody will blame Ma Ra for killing the SLFP, if Maithree remains detached from the absolutely corrupt and racist party it currently belongs to (made into by Ma Ra and his stooges).

He is looking for an scape goat and current President is footing the bill willingly by accepting the chairmanship of the party.

The numbers voted for either MS or Ma Ra has no meaning when the next round of elections come about.
That is the very reason I say the outcome was a freak accident in our politics and an aberration.
There is no credible fixation to any ideology but the deeply felt need for change from the moribund administration.
I won't buy into the 'quiet revolution' some pundits label it.

Let me summarize.

1. The Maithree's Presidency is an aberration of our polity.

2. It was carefully and creatively crafted by veteran Ra Nil with a bit of help from CBK.

3. He made a master stroke in golf, an eagle.

4. He is well ahead of the race.

5. If he keeps his mouth shut and the anxiety level down (and make his young candidates do the same for him and be an clean man example-not like Rajitha's son who made a misery for my friend Rajitha by his opening speech - a non starter in our politics) and even tender, tentative resignation, on a critical issue from the Premiership, if that is the need for his image and the party (unlike the Ma Ra who wants to hang on after defeat).

But be careful but do not give it in writing only by word of mouth and use a SLFP minister like Rajitha to say it for you. 

Nobody will believe and any SLFPier's uttering, the way they behave now is public are adequate testimony.  

Even Pee-Vasu will foot the bill.

6. New Mahinda Party will be not second but third if Maithree gives nomination to clean guys but Ma Ra will have his guys in (double dealers like CP De Silva, Philip Gunawardana to infiltrate and spoil the soup. He is a crafty schemer) the list.

7. JVP will disintegrate if they keep on bashing the UNP not SLFP.

If they decide to support UNP, they will get a better mandate in the hill country than in 2005.

8. SF will take all the Hela Urumaya votes spontaneously even without any effort but would be like JVP in number of seats won if they go it alone.

9. Hela Urumaya will be the last with Hela Karumaya following them where ever they go.

10. I will go abroad on a holiday when parliament is dissolved and the election campaign is on.

11. I have my firm belief, the Commissioner of Election and his brother in USA will educate the masses, how to conduct and use the secret ballot (if married do not  tell even your partner in life and the voter should lie like a BODU BALA SENA monks when the candidate comes to the doorstep for campaigning) and make it 90% not 80%.

12. We should make it a Guinness Book of Records for voting.

13. All our national papers (some of them run by Illegal Drug merchants aligned to SLFP) including Ravaya will get the election predictions wrong.

14. If I go wrong in my predictions, I will take up politics myself in the next round of elections and I am not sure I will vote for myself, if the ballot paper is given to me in advance.

I probably will put it in the dustbin for incineration not by accident but by conviction.

15. The longer they wait without dissolving the parliament it is advantageous to the UNP, simply because they have waited long for this turnaround and their resolve will not waver.

Whereas the SLFP is already in panic stricken state without a slogan.

It cannot match the inevitable aspiration for 'GOING for CHANGE' by bring back Mahinda or his putative Chinthanaya or more of the same 'stale wine'.

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