Saturday, June 6, 2015

Our parliament is like a hellhole.

Our parliament is like a hellhole.
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All the devils live there.
They are good at procrastination.
Procrastination is an obsessive compulsive disorder, that is difficult to treat.
The worst part is that they deny they suffer from it.
This disorder is infectious unlike the psychiatric manifestation.
It affects the fellow members and then the party hierarchy.
Their role is to go on procrastinating on flimsy grounds.
If we add anymore to this hellhole by new amendments, the procrastination will go on for donkeys years.
The party donkeys will love this procreation.
The procreation is even worse than the procrastination.
We should make an end to this travesty.
In management terms and style we should reduce the parliament to 100.
It is called redundancy management protocol.
If that does not alleviate the problem of procrastination we must go on reducing it by half until only two are left.
It should be done every half term of parliament of four year term.
We  end up with two one agreeing the other disagreeing.
Then we agree to disagree and shoot both of them with one bullet and end the bogus democracy.
The parliament should  turned into a museum named as museum of wasted resources and all the order books should be burned in public.

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