Friday, June 26, 2015

How, try to be a good global citizen?

How, try to be a good global citizen?
It was just before my morning cup of coffee that I thought of this concept called 'the global citizen'.
It was more of a political intent and motivation.
When I see, good for nothing politicians and journalists try to brain wash an average citizen with poor analytical skill, I get this urge in me that educating the feeble minded is duty of a citizen with a balance mind.
It does not mean I am a truly balanced personality.
In fact, I harp on bizarre ideas, especially if they border on scientific tenet.
My immediate reaction was not to harp on another political topic.
But on second thought I decided to list 10 ways, since I spend a significant time of my waking life accessing the web.
I was busy on my daily schedule and of course completely relaxed to the point that I forgot the concept completely.
I do not keep a note physically 'things to do toady' since lately I forget at least one thing that has to be done on a 24 hour schedule which I practice mentally as I sip my first cup of tea or coffee.
Mind you I had this habit of not finishing my tea and and blasting off with the days work for quite a long time, when it was considered I never forgot a single item, duty wise.
Absentmindedness was not something that I could cherish in my busy work schedule.
Now, I begin to love my absentmindedness (not when it stated, I was horrified, is it happening to me?) and makes my day complete and there is something for tomorrow to accomplish, which I forgot today.
That reminds me of my absentmindedness.
I forgot the topic.
I tried several protocols but no enlightenment.
I must tel you I did not enumerate the 10 in my list logically, to begin with.
There was nothing to hold onto or spark it off.
So I switched on the computer finished the usual stuff and while doing that got a burning smell (I had put my old camera battery for charging, it takes ages and does not charge-time to throw it away-is a definite fire hazard) and quickly put the battery charger off from the multi-plug.

I was not able to remember the topic I thought of in the morning.
Started browsing a topic that I tried before but could not due to slow connection (pseudo medical power point presentation) to see what 'a gullible guy' he was.
It was a really painful power point presentation sometime like a sermon.
It is sad that monks and priests take us through the gullible path just like the insurance brokers.
But this guy on the web was worse than three already mention.
He was psychopath.
I new he would ask for money even before I started and I muted the speaker to read every word or every lie that was on display.
Even before half way through the presentation 'add to the cart' clip came in.
It took almost 45 minutes of gibberish.
That does not deter me.
I was doing some detective work.
Detective work needs patience.
I use multitasking with my Linux box and when I get bored I switched to a different workplace and do something else.
I had added patience since our Telecoms has slowed the computer down to 5 bits per second since I had gone above our allotted MiB of downloads for this month.
By the way, I was downloading latest the gaming and design suits in Linux.
This psychopath was asking for $299/=.
That was what I was waiting for.
The good thing was I manage to remember the topic even before the 'add to the cart' clip came in.
No to become a good global citizen, the number one in my list is.

1. If you use the web, don't be a sucker.
Do not pray on innocent guys and girls, it is worse than pornographic sites that charge you five bucks to begin with!
Do not be a sucker to begin with.
I will list the rest at the pace of our Telecoms.
Mind you that gullible presentation is in rewind mode to take another sucker, if your computer is in a public library.

2. Number two is have a Linux box in secure mode.
Try learn Linux. It is cheap and also secure.
You are off the gullible suckers.

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