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Food Handling, Food, Quality of Food (Nutritional Value)

Food Handling, Food, Quality of Food (Nutritional Value)

Food Handling
Nobody practices proper food handling in this country.
The number of PHI are not enough to cover the country and most of them takes bribes, especially under Chinthanaya regime. When police is involved in murder and crime cover up this has become a done thing and decades of retraining is necessary.
There is no facility for hand washing in most of the eating houses except in five star hotels.
I once treated a guy with GIT problems and he was handling food in a leading market chain.
I new the manager of the local shop and got him out of the food chain for the greater good of the public and the shop itself.
This was many moons ago.
Now in hospitals including private sector doctors do not practice basic hand washing technique.

Food Quality
With the price of food items going up, the quality of junk food has gone down from wade, to patty to bread.
The hopper which was three rupees 1n 2005 is now ten rupees.
The wade has become smaller and more expensive. The type of dhal (not Mysoor) is inferior. The taste is horrible, the oil used is not coconut oil but some substitute.
My discovery of egg patty is relevant here. I used to give an egg patty to my young dog.
Then there was a full egg.
It become half an egg.
Then quarter of an egg.
The one I fed my dog today was less than a quarter.

In a dinner bun with fish there was full ring of onion a week ago and with onion going up in prices it was only a quarter of a ring.
I eat the onion ring before I feed my dog the portion of fish since one should not feed a dog with onions.
He is my food taster par excellence. He ruses to eat the bread portion which I throw into the bin.

My dog only eat the fish portion which is 40 rupees a piece.
I eat the quarter of an onion ring.
The rest of the dinner bun lands on the dustbin.
Rupees 20 down the garbage and even the stray dog won't eat.

So the average man (woman especially the pregnant excluded) eat lot of chillies and liberal intake of Kassippu.
That is why the Kassippu Mudalalie or the Pradashiya Sabha member is very plump when seen on TV.
He drinks imported whiskey not Kassupu like some of our national paper editors.
That is why down to earth (except Ravaya) reporting was not seen under Chinthanaya regime (they were eating hoppers for rupees 200 (two hundred at Hilton, probably) for ten years except racial hatred.

1. Personal Experience
Mind you I used to go to Elephant House Fountain Cafe (see the reproduction below) for regular ice cream with jaggary sauce on working days and full board liqueur when off duty with a full bird.
This was the time in Colombo when dogs' and cats' food were substituted for chicken down Dehiwala and Ratmalana after the first drink (when the customer is half drunk).
This practice was going on even in Kandy when we (including late Dr. Godamunne) got activated to save the stray dogs.
I do not eat rice (not rice products like, Hoppers, rice noodles) for the last three years due to putative food allergy to some chemical contamination!
My gut feeling is, it is probably glyphosate.
Suffice is to say my personal suffering over three years immediately stopped when I stopped eating rice.
The added benefit was I eat all the junk food now (except chocolates) and my comment here is related mostly to junk food.
In spite of eating junk food, I have not put on weight.
The corollary is that if you stop eating rice, you start losing weight without any exercise regime.
Chemical Name: Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate 71% S.G.
    Glyphos is a broad-spectrum, systemic herbicide, with contact action translocated and non-residual. Absorbed by the foliage, with rapid translocation throughout the plant. Inactivated on contact with soil.
    Inhibition of lycopene cyclase.
Glyphos controls a wide range of annual and perennial grasses and broad leaved weeds by application as pre-emergence, post emergence and pre-harvest in cereals, tea & oil seeds.
Also used as industrial weed control and aquatic herbicide.
    Dose: 100 gm per spray pump of 15 ltr water
    Mode of Action:
      "Effective against Annual, Perennial and broad Leaf / Grassy weeds.
      "Gyprom is a broad spectrum, Non-Systemic, Post Emergence herbicides.
      "Eisily Biodegradeble & non volatile in nature.
      "It is used in plantation crop like Tea, Coffee, Coconut, Rubber, Graps, Mango etc crops.
    Packing: 100 gm pouch in 8 kg Box.

2. Food Poisoning
At least 20 people fell ill, after a five-star hotel dinner on Friday night to celebrate the 87th birthday of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, officials said yesterday.
They said the affected invitees were rushed to private hospitals and 15 of them were in intensive care.
The dinner organized by the Sri Lanka United Kingdom Society took place at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel with some 400 guests in attendance.

3. Quality of Food
Fountain CafĂ© was famous for short eats - rolls, cutlets and patties – and of course their sauce, which was something else. No sauce today can match it. The Elephant House hot dog served with that sauce was much sought after and a favourite of many.
Their rice and curry was also very reasonable.
There was no proper rice and curry like in the old days. No gravy; no dhal; but some dry chicken, rice and curry were what the young waiter served. I tried. The food was terrible. Then came my next order; iced tea – a tea full of sugar. It was really a sugar tea. I looked around to see if any of those old waiters from Elephant House, Fountain Cafe were looking from some corner. There wasn’t even one.
The new waiters were not even dressed like them.

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